Foods for better concentration

Summer is slowly saying goodbye and vacation time is over. You will again have to work hard in school or work and strain your brain to the maximum. For better concentration, memory and the possibility of thinking a proper nutrition can be very helpful. In this article we will explain which foods to avoid and which are the good foods for better concentration.

foods for better concentration whole grain bread carbohydrates

Foods for better concentration: Eat whole grains, vegetables and legumes


Glucose is the fuel for the brain. If its amount in the blood become too low or rises too high, our mental abilities get worse. Large swings in blood glucose levels are caused by sugar, so it is one of the biggest enemies of concentration. It is preferred to eat the whole grains, vegetables and legumes, which increase blood glucose slowly and help maintain a high level of attention and concentration.


The amino acids that make up proteins are necessary for the construction of various enzymes and hormones that contribute to the fact that we remain vigilant and attentive, and affect memory and learning. At the same time proteins help maintain stable blood glucose levels. Every day in your meals include lean meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, low-fat dairy or protein drinks that you remain awake and concentrated.


Unsaturated fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids have a positive effect on the brain and, consequently, learning, concentration and memory. At their deficiency may show signs of hyperactivity, difficulty in learning and reduced concentration. We can found them in fish, flax seeds or oil.


In addition to healthy foods is also very important that adequate hydration with water and unsweetened teas. Insufficient drank of liquids cause problems with short-term memory. To improve memory and facilitate learning may intervene even after moderate amounts of coffee or tea, because caffeine improves concentration and keeps us awake.

foods for better concentration water fluids  drinking

In addition to healthy foods is also very important that adequate hydration with water and unsweetened teas.

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