Prepare homemade flavored olive oil

Flavored olive oil (SXC)

Flavored olive oil is also a great gift (photo: SXC)

We present some ideas on how you can prepare your own delicious flavored oils to suit your taste. Hint: this is a very good idea for a gift!

You will be surprised how easy it can be, to prepare a homemade flavored olive oil which is great with salads, bruschettes, pasta and other dishes.

Basis for flavored olive oil

Regardless of which component we add to olive oil, the procedure is the same. Aromatic ingredient add into a bowl with oil and place it in a small flame on the stove, and allowed to heat approximately 20 minutes. It is essential that the oil is not heated too much, but just enough to keep warm. Then strain and pour into a bottle and keep it in the refrigerator or another cool dark place. Below we present some concrete examples for 2 dl flavored oil!

Olive oil with garlic and pepper

It is better to prepare oil into small quantities, so you can use it more quickly. For 2 dl olive oil, add 2 peeled garlic cloves, which you pressed with the flat part of a knife blade and 1 teaspoon peppercorns, which you crush them in the same way. On the stove on a low flame, heat the mixture, but just so the oil is warm and not more than 20 minutes. Then strain and pour in 2 dl big bottle and add to it one clove of garlic and a few grains of pepper – so we will know at a glance which oil is. The garlic oil liven up even the most boring pasta, bread and risotto!

Chilli olive oil

Use 2 dl of extra virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons of dried chilies. Repeat the process. If you add into the bottle a lot of dry chilies, it will preserve aroma of oil much longer. You can use Chilli olive oil for example, as a substitute for Tabasco Sauce on pizza with rucola, or bruschettes.

Lemon flavored olive oil

For 2 dl olive oil use peel of one lemon from organic production, from which you thoroughly remove all the juicy flesh. Repeat the procedure like with other oils. In the end, in the bottle of oil add a few strips of fresh lemon shell, for the same reasons as the other ingredients. Lemon oil will be a wonderful with the salad, the avocado, cream cheese and roast meat.

Homemade flavored oil as a gift

You can give your product to your friends. Buy different bottles with a volume of 200-250 ml and give vent to your creativity! The quantity of ingredients can of course customize according to your taste.

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