Five tricks for more rested appearance

There are days when you prefer not to look in the mirror … The good news is, that you can correct the tired look with a few simple tricks and excel in all of your beauty. Here are five simple tricks for more rested appearance.

tricks for more rested appearance morning look

The fastest way to wake up is that you take a shower in the morning

Wake up the body

The fastest way to wake up is that you take a shower in the morning and enjoy a coffee body scrub, which stimulates the body and smoothes the skin.

Recipe for coffee body scrub: A cup of ground coffee mix with a cup of sugar and add half a cup of olive oil. Put it in a large bowl and in the refrigerator can this mixture lasts up to two months. For a one-time treatment use one large spoon of mixture and massage into the skin. The mixture then rinse off the body.

Liven up your eyes

Eyes will tell if you had a good sleep or not. You can take care of swollen eyes on a very simple way. Fill the sink with cold water and dive the face into it several times.

Pamper your face

The complexion of the skin of tired people is very often pale. This can be avoided with the right care. Use of a cream, containing hyaluronic acid. Rose water is also very effective, which you put on your face before the face cream. Since it stimulates blood circulation, your complexion will immediately look more healthy.

Energy of citrus

Essential oils of citrus fruits invigorate the body and mind. That is confirmed by numerous studies. If you can’t wake up in the morning, use perfumes or deodorants that contain the aroma of oranges, lemons and grapefruits.

Powder for a more dense hair

Thin hair without volume will destroy any, even the most perfect look. If you wake up in the morning with smashed hair, use a baby powder for the volume. Apply it on the scalp, then comb your hair well.

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