Feng Shui garden

The garden is a fantastic spot to introduce feng shui principles. In Feng Shui garden you are able to generate a tranquil oasis of serenity and calm, and increase the overall feng shui of your home. There are several key features to make note of when integrating feng shui to your garden.

feng shui garden home decor decoration grass flowers path park

Paths need to be gently curved to allow chi to flow smoothly

Houses are often made of straight lines, so in your garden you may bring in soft, flowing shapes and curves. Paths or driveways need to be gently curved to allow chi (or positive energy) to flow smoothly. If you have a superbly straight driveway you are able to soften the sides by planting shrubs or flowers.

Feng shui is always focused on balance. So in the garden you can have something textured and something smooth, something short and something tall, hard and soft, sunlight and shade. Putting something hard, for instance, like a rock next to something liquid like running water, creates tranquility and looks gorgeous.

feng shui garden water grass rocks

Rock next to something liquid, like running water, creates tranquility and looks gorgeous

Without a doubt, clear running water is regarded as excellent feng shui. Water has been synonymous with wealth and abundance. However the water should be clean! If you’ve got a bird bath that is filled with stagnant dirty water toss it out. Ensure you top it up and substitute with fresh water on a regular basis. A water fountain that is having a small pump and fosters flowing water is best, and you can enjoy the pleasant sound of running water. Tip: the water must always flow towards the house, not from the house.

feng shui garden pagoda pillows seating area wood

A place to relax in your garden

If it is possible, having a small summer house or pagoda in the garden is a real treat. It may be an excellent place for children to play with their pals, or for you to go and relax, or practice your yoga!

Bring components into the garden which are appealing and functional also. Have a comfy outdoor table and chairs; take into consideration hanging a wind chime from a branch and it’s going to send a gentle trickling sound in the breeze. And retaining a bird feeder in the backyard is a lovely way to attract more birds.

feng shui garden sitting area comfy pillows

Feng shui garden: have a comfy outdoor table and chairs

All healthy plants are great for feng shui garden, but there are a few plants which are especially good due to the symbols they represent. Included in this are jasmine, azaleas, chrysanthemums, magnolias, lilies, roses, cherry trees, pine and bamboo trees.

Ultimately, select your preferred flowers that you desire most and plant them in your garden to bring you joy every time you see them. Have some fun creating your feng shui garden and bring in the colours, natural components and products that you love. Remember you’re seeking to achieve harmony and balance in a natural setting.

feng shui garden stairs path rocks

With feng shui garden we achieve harmony and balance in a natural setting

Gardening is an outer and visible appearance of our inner selves. It’s all about hooking up with our surroundings by tuning into our intuition and utilizing our five senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching to generate an environment to unite with nature, meditate, relax, or giggle and dine with pals. By designing with the rules of feng shui, we are able to have gardens that support us spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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