Feng Shui colors

Feng Shui uses specific colors or the combination of colors to bring positive vibes into your home or office. The right combination of Feng shui colors can ensure the most desired results.

feng shui colors home office color pencils

Paint your home with Feng Shui colors

As you absorb the essence of these colors on a daily basis, you will notice a sea change in the way things are going on in your life. What colors you will choose to have in your place depends on the objective you have in your mind. Read on to know which Feng Shui colors are related to which part of your life. Accordingly , you can try one or several combinations of these colors at your home or your office.

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Feng shui colors: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Metal

Each of the Feng Shui colors corresponds to the five Feng Shui elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal.

The Earth stands for strength and nourishment. The colors that corresponds to the Earth are all the earthen tones, skin colors and light shades of yellow. You can have oil paintings, portraits, statues of these colors if you wish to have stability and sustenance.

The color that corresponds to fire is red. The Water Element finds its expression in colors such as black and blue. Making these colors a part of your office and home decor brings in freshness, rejuvenation, serenity and sanctity to your place. You can add furniture of black and blue colors in your office room. Since fire is associated with high energy and passion, those in need of the same should use more of red shades. Consider red carpets, flowers, cushions etc.

Brown and green are regarded as two of the chief Feng Shui colors, as they represent the element of Wood which is related to physical well being, material prosperity and overall growth. So if you are eyeing for key developments such as purchase of house property or business expansion, then this is the element which can assist you. You can have plants and vases of green and brown colors.

The Metal is the element responsible for precision, lucidity and transparency. If you have important paper works or account-related jobs, you should keep more of white and gray objects around you. Try using crafts, flowers and curtains of white and gray shades.

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Bagua: Map of Feng Shui colors

The Feng Shui map known as ‘Bagua’ prescribes the right location or direction for placing the objects carrying the required colors. Northeast and Southwest are directions associated with the element of Earth. Earthen colors are also effective at central locations. The North is the perfect direction for using the colors representing the Water element. Northeast and Southwest are ideal directions for using red colors that brings high energy. Over all, South, Southwest and Northeast are good directions for having the red color that corresponds to the element of Fire. For Wooden colors, East and Southeast directions are the perfect options whereas West and Northwest are ideal directions for using metal-based Feng Shui colors.

feng shui colors bagua color map

Bagua: Map of Feng shui colors

Feng Shui Colors can, thus, be used in furniture, curtains, flowers, paintings, portraits, calenders, crafts or any other form of wall-hangings and decorative pieces. In fact, if you give it a serious thought keeping your surroundings in mind, you would better know how to make use of these colors around you. Spend a few moments to decide the colors you need and the way you would like to see them at your place.

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