Feng Shui bedroom

Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our home. Arranged by principles of Feng Shui, it should bring harmony in the the family that will enjoy good health, successful interpersonal relations and material prosperity.

Feng Shui bedroom

It is no coincidence that the atmosphere in the bedroom is more yin, because the room is designed for rest and sleep. It is necessary to take care of all the disturbing energy that could interfere with sleep.

Feng shui bedroom is clean, tidy and quiet

Bedroom must be clean, tidy and without superfluous things as ‘junk’, because they reduce the flow of energy in the room. If the energy in the room is stagnant and chi does not circulate, the room got “stale” feeling. It is therefore important that all the things that you do not need remove from the bedroom.

In general, the recommendation of feng shui masters is, that you keep in the bedroom as little things as possible. The ideal would be, if it were only a bed and two bedside tables.

Best for the bedroom is, that it is as far away from the front door, because it means that the energy in it is already calm and it will be nice flowed through the room. The closer you are to the front door, the more dynamic is the energy and it is difficult to sleep in such place.

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Feng shui bedroom

Feng shui bedroom

Minimize corners and angles

Room that you choose for the bedroom, should be square or rectangular in shape, with no corners missing. L-shaped room, for example, caused by in suite bathrooms and toilets, may be a problem. It creates gaps that disrupts energy when it is circulated around the room and create arrows called shar chi. The worst part is, if they those shar chi arrows are directed on the bed.

It is also important that the door to the bedroom is not against other doors or stairs, not even at the end of a long corridor. If the bed is placed between the bathroom door and bedroom door, it brings bad luck and illness. This can be adjusted by feng shui medicines such as Swarovski beads, which neutralize the unfavorable energy.

Feng shui teaches, that it is not good to have anything threatening or harmful overhead. Beams, for example, with its edges direct shar chi arrows around the room. Although the beams are fashionable, Feng Shui does not recommend that you sit, work or sleep under the beams for a long time.

If possible, cover the beams with artificial ceiling, an alternative is installing bamboo flute at an angle of 45 degrees to each side of the beam, so they are facing down and hang diagonally to each other. This mitigate the bad effects of the beams. Or you can install a wind bells on the beam.

Feng shui bedroom

The mirror does not belong in the bedroom, it leads to bad relationships.

Without wall cabinets and shelves above your head

Similarly like beams, wall cabinets and bookshelves above the headboard have bad effect. If possible, move the bed out of such space and close the hole with a solid curtain. If this is not possible due to shortage of space, then hang bamboo flutes like with the beams.

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Furniture with rounded edges

In general feng shui applies that it is wise to avoid any sharp edges.

Make sure that you are buying furniture with rounded edges, this is especially true for chests of drawers and wardrobes, which are beside the bed. Wardrobes should be closed when you sleep, because the edges of the shelves also create shar chi energy.

Even the lamp on the nightstand should be soft, round and curved shapes.


Ideally feng shui bedroom would have only a bed and two bedside table.

The position and shape of the bed

The position of the bed is the most important. It should not be under the window, because it symbolizes the lack of support. Likewise, avoid position between the door and the window, because you are on so called “energy draft”. The foot of the bed should not look directly towards the door in the bedroom, because such a situation is known as “dead man’s position”.

The bed should be with the header firmly by the wall, because that represents a good support in life and should not share a wall with the toilet. Solid headboard is important because it will protect your life chi energy and symbolically give you a sense of inner stability.

As the room, the bed will also be square or rectangular in shape. Avoid round beds or waterbed. Especially water beds disrupt the energy in the room.

Mirror, water and monitors do not belong in the bedroom

Modern Style Grey Feng Shui Bedroom Glass Wall Bright Lighting

Couples should sleep on a double bed and not on one with two mattresses, since it leads to unstable relationships and can even lead to a breakdown in relations between the partners.

One of the taboos in feng shui is a reflection of a sleeping body in the mirror, because the mirror interfere with sleep. The result of this is a disease or bad partner relations. It is said that a mirror facing the bed, brings a third party into the relationship, which may split up the couple.

The solution is that you cover the mirror with a piece of cloth, or move it to the inside of the closet.

Even the television and the computer does not belong in the bedroom, because they are creating electro-magnetic radiation, which harm human beings. If you can’t give up to those items, then at night plug out the power and cover them with a cloth.

Another taboo in the bedroom is the presence of water, aquariums or images with images of water. They say that the presence of water in the bedroom can lead to break-ins or financial loss, because water in Chinese represents wealth and money.

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Importance of additions

Excessive use of symbols to activate the angles in the bedroom is not recommended. You can use the symbols that promote a harmonious and romantic relationships.

In the area of mutual relations in the bedroom, place the crystal gum or statues yin & yang ducks, which are interconnected with a red ribbon. In this section you can share the photos of smiling couples or statues, where the man and woman embracing.


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