Dry hands

Dry hands (photo: photoxpress)

Dry hands (photo: photoxpress)

Are you one of the many, who has dry hands? Especially in winter, dry and cold weather shows on dry hands and face, so you need proper care for it. So how to take care of dry hands?

Problem of dry hands will not be solved only by water

Many people like to assume that the problem of dry skin can be eliminated just by water, which is not true. In essence, the water, especially hot, only aggravate the situation, because it damage the flora of skin, which contains a protective oil. Hand washing, followed by application of moisturizing cream, is a better way of caring of dry hands.

Wash your hands with gentle soap

If you have problems with dry or chapped skin on hands, wash your hands using warm, not hot water and choose a gentle soap that offer a moisturizer. After washing your hands dry it with a towel, but do not rub. After washing wait about three minutes and apply moisturizer. If you are using oil for dry skin, then do not wait to dry your hands, but apply it to wet hands and rub until the oil is absorbed.

Moisturizing hand creams for dry hands

For dry and cracked skin on your hands you can choose between many types of moisturizers for hands. Some are more intense than others, but generally are all very well absorbed by the skin. Hand creams are very popular because they are easy and practical to use, because they don’t leave a greasy marks.

Lotions for dry hands

Lotions have a texture that is compared to the cream less dense and does not leave greasy marks. Their disadvantage is, that they contain alcohol, which may have in the case of dry skin on the hands, the opposite effect.

Ointments for dry hands

Ointments for hands are an extremely rich moisturizer and they are perfect choice for dry hands, but sometimes they may leave a greasy feeling on the hands, which makes people a little less like to use. You can avoid greasy feeling if you apply little less of ointment and rub it well into the skin. Excellent moisturizing ointment for autumn-winter days is Shea butter, which makes the skin smooth and renewed and not leave the greasy stains.

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