Dream house: Vivienda La Florida

Dream house, Vivienda La Florida, is a project from skilled architects Otto Medem de la Torriente. The residence is put in peaceful environment close to Madrid, Spain. 

Because it lays in very near of highway, the architect had to figure it out solution that would shelter the residents of this fantastic home from the noise as well as from the frightful northern winds. The dream house was built using 2 L-shaped pieces that show their backs to the highway, while their front is facing southeast in order to benefit from the warmth of the sun more efficiently.

 Beautiful on the outside and luxurious on the inside, the Vivienda La Florida residence is definitely a dream house, spectacular in all regards.

dream house vivienda la florida spain modern architecture dream-house-florida-1 dream-house-florida-2 dream-house-florida-3 dream-house-florida-4 dream-house-florida-6

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