DIY wedding invitations

Making your own wedding invitations is quite an exciting activity in all your wedding preparations. As soon as you have chosen the color motif and theme of your wedding, it is already easy to create a layout or design for the invitations. If you want to save big bucks on your invites, consider DIY wedding invitations. You can personalize everything, from the paper to the very fine details of the finished invitation.

diy wedding invitation white paper

Make your wedding invitation by yourself

Here are 5 tips to making your DIY wedding invitations a success:

#1 Think of how you want your wedding day to be

The first thing that you need to finalize in your wedding preparation is the theme of your wedding. This will be the focus of all the wedding details, from the invitations and favors to the dresses and the reception setup. The wedding invitations will give your guests the idea of how your wedding will be like. It should represent both you and your fiancé and how you want that special day to be for you and for your guests.

diy wedding invitations puzzle red

Make a personalized wedding invitations

# 2 Think of your budget

The invitations alone can put off a large amount into your wedding budget. DIY wedding invitations will greatly cut off a big amount from your budget as you can save on labor costs, find the best quality paper from thrift stores and even embellish your invites with inexpensive items, depending on your theme. Consider also the mailing costs. Sending out Save-the-Dates and RSVP through mail will double your expenses.

diy wedding invitations save the date wedding white with black fonts

Save-the-Dates and RSVP through mail will double your expenses

#3 Think of the type of paper you will use and the design

The usual square invites may be classy and formal. Try thinking outside the box and make your invitations something memorable, unique yet simple. Either square or rectangle, enveloped or not, flat or folded, you can do anything you want. It is your wedding and you can do what you want with it. When designing your invites, make the most out of your card stock so you do not waste on paper and money.

diy wedding invitations purple stars

Make your wedding invitations memorable and unique

#4 Do not forget the embellishments

If you are crafty or you want to try your artistic skills, this is your time to do it with your wedding invitations. You can mix different colors and types of paper on the main invites then add embellishments to make it more personalized and fun. You can add fabric, laces, beads, ribbons and buttons. This may take time but you will surely love the results. If you can find decorative punches at a craft store near you or online, it will add a dramatic feel to the overall look of your wedding invitations. Stamps are also great for a travel-themed wedding or for couples who like to travel a lot.

#5 Think of the wordings and font styles

The texts that you will include in the invites are very important. It must be legible, clear and informative. Always do spell-check before you print out the final invites. Choosing the font styles is also a crucial part in making your wedding invitations. Choose fonts that are easy to read and matches to the theme of your wedding.

diy wedding invitations simple fonts red white

DIY wedding invitations: Texts must be legible, clear and informative

Making your own invitations may be time-consuming and sometimes stressful, but it should not be. Make DIY wedding invitations fun, exciting and memorable by choosing things and themes that you and your fiancé like. This will be part of your wedding memories, so make it simple yet elegant and classy.

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