DIY wall art party

DIY wall art projects are a great way to express yourself and have fun at the same time.

For the last six months my family has lived in peril as we bumbled and stumbled over time consuming home improvement projects. The work was tedious and sometimes tiresome, but it was great family bonding and we had tons of fun. The most fun came when we decided on some creative ways to decorate with DIY wall art.

diy wall art text wood flowers

Nice idea for DIY wall art in hallway.

After laying the new floors in my daughters’ room we stood up, wiped down our clothes and rejoiced with glee! But for some reason the room still seemed bland. The floor looked great, but its richness sorely outweighed the blank canvas we called a wall. We discussed new pictures, posters and pinups, but it all seemed boring. We completed everything else in the house with great creativity, her bedroom walls had to be just as creative, if not more! While scrolling over pictures online, she said “Dad stop, that’s it!”. She pointed to a street wall flooded with graffiti. “That’s how I want my room.” That settled it. We were on a mission to complete her room. We invited over a few of her friends, ordered pizza and threw a “Graffiti DIY Wall Art Party!”. Boy, did they have fun! They painted crazy designs, wrote crazy sayings, splattered paint, ate pizza and listened to music. Oh, and the walls weren’t the only things they decided to paint. If you stood them against the wall, you wouldn’t be tell a kid from the wall.

So, lets see how your teen can join the fun and throw a Graffiti DIY Wall Art Party.


  • Spray paint (multiple colors, fluorescent colors recommended)
  • Indoor wall paint (multiple colors)
  • Drop cloth (enough to cover your whole floor)
  • Old clothes
  • Paint stirrers
  • Disposable plastic cups
  • Paint brushes
  • Painters’ face masks
  • Friends
  • Creativity
diy wall art living room

Interesting DIY wall art in living room


Invite as many friends over as you like. Everyone should be dressed appropriately in old clothes. Spread the drop cloth over the floor making sure the whole floor is covered; it might get a little messy. Windows should be open for ventilation and each person should be wearing a painters’ face mask. Don’t be afraid to take a break if necessary to get away from the paint fumes. Begin using the spray paint first. Spray paint will dry faster than indoor wall paint and you will need to splatter the wall paint over the spray paint.

Let the children be as creative and free as possible. After they have painted whatever designs, graffiti, drawings, and expressions they wish, take a small break to get away from the fumes. When they return, open the cans of indoor wall paint and stir with paint stirrers. Use the paint stirrers to capture the paint and splatter on the walls. They can also put paint in the disposable plastic cups and splatter on the walls. The cups will create a bigger splatter mark on the wall. Allow the paint to run down the wall. Use the paint brushes to create additional designs. Again, allow everyone to be as creative and free as possible. When they are finished with their wonderful creation make sure to clean the work area and store paint appropriately. Oh, and don’t send those teens home looking like a rainbow, make sure they clean up and change into clean clothes. Allow 24-48 hours for the paint to dry before you place furniture against the walls.

This Graffiti DIY Wall Art project is a sure fire way to have tons of fun, create, and allow your teen to have the most unique bedroom in the neighborhood.

diy wall art graffiti bedroom

Graffiti DIY Wall Art project is a sure fire way to have tons of fun


DIY Wall art graffiti in dining room


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