DIY: Sugar peeling

Peeling with sugar is very effective, it makes the skin smooth, supple and shiny. The recipe for sugar peeling is quite simple and you can do it yourself.

Mix sugar and your regular skin cleanser (photo: SXC)

Mix sugar and your regular skin cleanser (photo: SXC)

Why is sugar peeling so useful?

Sugar peeling is very effective because of the natural coarse particles and it is friendly to the skin. In addition, the sugar containing glycolic acid. This is one of the so-called AHA acids, which are widely used in beauty salons for the cleaning and rejuvenation of all kinds of skin.

How often can I use sugar peeling?

Sugar peeling removes dead skin cells from the skin in two ways – mechanically, coarse particles and glycolic acid ease the process, because they speed the process of deviation of dead cells from the rest. Sugar peeling is very skin friendly, so you can use it up to three times a week. Because of its use your skin will be soft, moisturized and smooth.

How to make peeling with sugar?

Beauticians for a thorough skin cleansing at home, recommend peeling with sugar. Preparation is very easy. In your hands mix some sugar with your usual skin cleanser and rub the mixture into the skin – like all other peelings.

Tip: After peeling your skin, wash it with warm water and apply your favorite moisturizer.

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