DIY natural colors for Easter eggs

Make a difference this year and color your Easter eggs with natural colors that you can get from completely natural ingredients. See here how to make different natural colors for Easter eggs.

natural colors for easter eggs diy

You can get all natural colors for Easter eggs from foods.

 Instructions for making natural colors for Easter eggs

Before you begin the coloring of eggs with natural colors, hard boil them first and let them cool. How much color you will need, you will have to judge it yourself. When you select a handful (or two or three) of food that will be donated for specified color, place it in the pan. Then add tap water so the water will be two centimeters over the selected food. If you have selected a handful of food, will probably be enough, about one cup of water.

Water with food for coloring, put on a stove to boil. Then reduce the flame and leave for to one hour, that the mixture is boiling (mild boiling) until you get the desired color. Remove the pan from the heat. Keep in mind that dyed eggs will not be as dark as the color in the pan. Into mixture add 2 to 3 teaspoons of vinegar and pour it into a high container in which the mixture will fully cover the eggs. When taking eggs out from the container, you can use a large spoon or ladle with a hole in the middle. Leave the eggs in a bowl until they get the color you like. If you want to let in water overnight, place them in the refrigerator.

Which foods to choose, for a particular color?

Blue color:  blueberry and dark grape juice

Brown or beige: For Easter eggs to be brown or beige in water soak onion peels , instant or Turkish coffee or black tea

Orange color: Into the water add a few tablespoons of red peppers or carrots

Gold color: Easter eggs will turn gold if you add a few teaspoons of turmeric

Green: In water boil spinach , green tea, dandelion and nettle . Then with a stick blender all together mix and strain through a gauze soaked in this liquid eggs

Green-yellow color: the beautiful green – yellow color you will get with boiled peels of stained yellow colored apples

Light purple color: Use a small amount of dark grape juice or blackcurrant juice

Pink: Use beetroot, cranberries or cranberry juice , or rose hip tea

Red color: If you want red Easter eggs, cook them in red wine or boil in water shells of red onion  pomegranate juice, or use raspberries

natural colors for easter eggs red wine

Easter eggs cooked in red wine

A few more useful tips

  • If you want to give your Easter eggs pattern appearance, you can press a bit with a sponge, while they are still wet.
  • Colored eggs with natural colors tend to look a bit dull and not shiny. Once the are dry, you can rub them with a few drops of oil to give them shine. You can also use bacon.
  • Some of eggs do not soak in the colored water, but they make you cook in water with selected foods. Thus, eggs stained during cooking. That is for example, if you want to color them in red wine. You cook the eggs together with wine, leave to boil for half and hour then leave them to cool through the night.
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