DIY home decor

Today, many homeowners utilize DIY home decor solutions when decorating their home. Hiring professionals that specialize on interior design usually charge high rates and this is why homeowners on a budget prefer to work on the decorating on their own.

diy home decor coffee table wood

DIY home decor: Homemade coffee table

There are many ideas that you can find online and finding the right project usually depends on your preferences. If you want simple yet appealing projects to decorate your home, you might want to take a look at the following.

DIY home decor: Modern wall art for empty walls

One way to perk up a boring and empty wall is to apply modern art. All you have to do is to select an empty wall in your house. You can use a noticeable wall in your living room or the walls in the corridor so that it will serve as the focal point. It is best to check out art printing companies since they produce a variety of paintings and prints. During the selection process, you have to consider the dominant color theme in the room. In doing so, it will ensure that it will look seamlessly with the other items in the room. You can even use the modern prints and combine them in order to come up with a unique wall art for the wall.

diy home decor wall art song text

DIY home decor: Wall art with song text

diy home decor wall art bedroom

DIY wall art in bedroom

DIY home decor: Damask stencils and prints

For homeowners who are under a budget, a good DIY home decor are the damask stencils and prints. Prior to starting the project, it is important to consider the color theme of the room so that the right damask stencil or print can be chosen. Always remember that the standard damask print or stencil is not properly presented in purple, orange or lime green colors. Majority of homeowners select darker shades in order to add a dramatic effect. The traditional damask patterns include intricate geometric designs, floral prints and scenes of daily life. Do not forget that the size of the room is also vital in determining the type of stencil to be used. The damask print can be used as an embellishment in other pieces present in the room such as the fabric on the pillows or lampshades.

diy home decor wall art damask stencil

DIY damask stencils in dinning room (photo: Kerriathome)

diy home decor wall art damask stencil

DIY home decor: Damask stencils on walls

DIY home decor: DIY murals for children’s rooms

It is easy to create a unique mural for the bedroom of your child. This project is suitable for parents who are under a budget. All you have to do is to search online for the right print or picture. You can ask your child what he/she wants to be painted on the walls. Try to look for 2D pictures instead of the photos or 3D pictures since it will be easier to follow and can save a lot of time. The 3D pictures and photos usually have complex color combinations and unspecified borderlines, thus making it difficult for you to follow.

Another way to create a mural would only require your printer and picture-editing software that can break up the picture or print into different segments. Once you have printed all the sheets that you need, simply tape them together until the complete picture is formed on the wall.

diy home decor wall art murals children room

DIY home design: unique mural for children’s room

diy home decor wall art murals children room

DIY colorful mural

diy home decor wall art murals children room

DIY home decor: funny mural for children

With the three DIY home decor solutions discussed, it can help beautify your home. Depending on the style that you want to exude, these projects are simple and will not cost a fortune.

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