DIY Headboard

Furniture stores have rows of headboards, but that does not mean their selection meets your style or budget requirements. If you are looking to complete a bedroom, consider a DIY headboard as the focal point in the room. While not everyone has the tools or knowledge to create the same level of project, there are plenty of simple ideas that even a novice can try.

We’ve broken down this topic by skill level, so regardless of where you are, it might be enjoyable to read it all and take in a wealth of ideas how to complete your bedroom with DIY headboard. If nothing else, you can always locate someone with the ability to assist on more difficult projects.

diy headboard bedroom yellow writting on wall

Make your special DIY headboard for your bed

DIY headboard for the novice

If you don’t own a drill, or even a complete tool box – this is the section for you. There are many diy headboard ideas you can consider. These may not require power sanders, jigsaws or cutting large sections of lumber, but can still offer a wow factor personalized to your home. Refinishing a piece with paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to restyle furniture and match it to your decor. If paint is not your favorite task, consider covering up an existing headboard with a slipcover you can easily sew. If nothing else, an oversize piece of artwork (well secured) can take the place of a traditional headboard and complete a room.

diy headboard wood bed red pillow

Wooden headboard

DIY headboard for the almost professionals

This is where the diy headboard ideas really become interesting. Home improvement shows have highlighted upholstered headboards crafted on set with only a few supplies including wood, filling material and fabric. Within hours this could be the new headboard you want with minimal cutting, stapling, gluing and planning. While the concept is simple- the vast combinations of fabrics, shapes and sizes make these truly unique. Other common ideas include using fence pickets, reclaimed doors or shutters.

diy headboard letters green

DIY headboard for almost professionals

DIY headboard for the serious DIY fanatic

The sky is the limit here. Social media idea sharing sites have endless options you can tackle as a weekend project. You can work with nearly any material safe for indoor use. An expert at this level can choose to match the frame size or utilize an entire wall. Maybe you want to go above and beyond and explore adding lighting to the piece. Or consider creating a piece with additional storage in a tight space or build a headboard from scratch.

diy headboard white light bed for kids

Interesting headboard for kids room

The best part of diy headboards is that they can be just about anything you can create to complete a room with a functional conversation piece. The textures, materials, colors and finishes are all up to you.

And now, a quick reminder of safety first. Before starting any diy project, make sure you have a safe space to work in that can handle any fumes from paints or solvents and that you are comfortable using the tools to complete the project. Take care of those eyes with safety goggles, so once you complete this project you can move on to your next diy adventure.

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