DIY dishwashing detergent

Little help in the kitchen is always good, so we present a simple recipe for homemade pure and natural DIY dishwashing detergent. Purchased goods often contain artificial ingredients, harmful substances and chemicals that are damaging not only our skin but also the entire body.

diy dishwashing detergent home made

Wash your dirty dishes with home made DIY dishwashing detergent

Dishwashing detergent is extremely easy to make and this way you not only save money, but also it does not harm the skin, as it is home remedy very mild. For the preparation you need half a cup of pure soap sheets (you can also use normal soap, that you grated), a quarter cup of hot water, a half cup of glycerin, a tablespoon of lemon or orange oil and clean bottle for the detergent. Into the larger glass container, pour hot water, then add slices or grated soap and other ingredients. Mix with a fork until the soap does not dissolve and leave to stand for ten minutes, until the mixture cools. When the asset is ready, you can begin washing in peace. Here is your own DIY dishwashing detergent.

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