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If you have plenty of used clothes that you find outdated, out fashioned or do not fit you anymore, do not throw it into the trash bin or hand it over to charity. There are still hundreds of ways that you can make use of your old clothes and turn it into something fashionable, fresh and new.

DIY clothes scissors fabric how to

Make your own clothes!

Start changing your wardrobe by trying out these 5 DIY clothes projects that you can do in just minutes:

#1 Laced blouses

Plain shirts and blouses may look too boring and simple. These are mostly on sale at fashion stores. If you have plenty of plain shirts in your wardrobe collection, dress them up by sewing in different designs and colors of laces. You may start with a lace sewed vertically into the middle front part of the shirt. You can also cut out a small portion near the neckline or change the sleeves into laced sleeves.

DIY clothes lace shirts laced blouses

Insert a lace into your plain shirt or a blouse

#2 Beaded sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are nice to wear during the cold months or you can pair it with your skirt to wear to the office or to a party. Be stylish and add beads to it to make it more trendy and fun. You can either sew or glue on beads of different colors and shapes onto the neckline or in whatever design you want it. Make sure to keep the design minimal so you do not overdo it or else you will look tacky.

DIY clothes beaded sweatshirts

Sparkly beads will make your shirt look fabulous

#3 Ombre shorts

A single-colored pair of shorts may fade and lose its fashion edge. Give it a new look with this DIY clothes project by turning your ordinary piece into ombre shorts. All you need are a pair of shorts, hanger, fabric spray, hand gloves, and newspaper. Lay the shorts flat a newspaper-covered floor or working area. With gloved hands, cover the upper portion of the shorts with another piece of paper, exposing only about 2” of the lower portion of the shorts and spray with your paint color of choice. Hang it to dry.

DIY clothes shorts ombre shorts jeans color

DIY clothes: Color your shorts ombre style

#4 Zippered shirts

Zippered shirts are now in. Make your own by turning your ordinary or plain blouse into zippered shirts. Buy a zipper with two pulls that meets at the center. Cut out the old shirt into 2 pieces of square fabrics. Lay them flat on your working table, make sure to align the 2 ends for your neckline. Sew in the zipper. You can wear it anyway you like by simply adjusting the zipper pulls.

DIY clothes zipper shirt zippered dress

Add zipper to your shirts

#5 Shawl, blankets or table runner skirts

Summer time may not be ideal for those shawls. Maybe your table runners do not fit to the season or occasion anymore. Before you turn it into rags, make something wardrobe-worthy out of it by turning them into skirts. Brightly colored blankets, shawls or table runners are perfect for this DIY clothes project. Fold the fabric in half. Using your mini skirt as a pattern, cut the fabric but leave 1-2 inches allowance for the folds. Cut a slit in the middle of the back side for the zipper or you can have it on one cut side of the skirt. Fold and sew the cut ends. When using a table runner, cut out the tassels first before you cut the pattern.

DIY clothes skirts shawl table runner cloth skirt

Make your skirt from a table runner

Making something trendy and fashionable out of your plain and used clothes is a fun DIY clothes project. You do not need to shop every season just to have something new. With just a few items like scissors, thread and needle, and some supplies from the craft store, you can start revamping your wardrobe or make fashionable gifts for your friends and family at anytime of the year.

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