DIY Children’s room

Designing and planning to make a project DIY children’s room require a lot of imagination and creativity. In addition to all the necessary furniture, should be given significant attention to choice of colors, so the room will be fun and keen to play in, a stimulating learning environment and soothing room for rest.

diy childrens room pink flowers girls

DIY children’s room: It is best if you choose a combination of bold colors with more calm colors

DIY Children’s room: Experiment with colors

Children’s rooms are great to play with colors. Children like vivid and bold colors and unique rooms, it is a perfect match with their liveliness. Although you should be careful, because it may be too daring in terms of colors, and you can achieve an unwanted and opposite effect. It is best if you choose a combination of bold colors with more calm colors, which will create a room where your child is full of energy during the day and at the same time sufficiently relaxed at bedtime.

diy childrens room pink girls red vivid

DIY children’s room: Pink is the first choice for girls

Of course it is important to choose the right colors for your child. When choosing a color, include a child and follow his wishes. Let he help you choose the colors and create a place where he will spend a lot of free time.

DIY Children’s room: The eternal classics

Pink is one of the most common colors when it comes to choosing colors for a girl. It may sound cliché, but it’s also really one of the most popular colors in the list of younger girls. Nevertheless, do not overdo it with this color, it can be fast acting too cheesy. It is best for you to decide on a combination of neutral colors that will softened pink walls.

diy childrens room blue boys

DIY children’s room: Blue shades for boys

With boys, especially the younger ones, the blue is very popular color. This color is also very suitable for small children’s rooms, because it works very relaxing when combined with soft neutral tones. Walls, curtains or bedding in blue will quickly reach the desired effect, but if you choose blue for furniture, do not overdo it with accessories in this color.

DIY children’s room: Colors of the sun

The red color is very special when it comes to organization of children’s rooms. It has the potential to be great or completely wrong choice. If red is too bright or too alive, you can create an exaggerated effect which will not offer pleasantness, and that is in the child’s room most important.

If you tend to red color, rather choose the darker shades. In this case, make sure that accessories and toys are in lighter colors, that would not make the room too dark. If you just want a smaller accents in red, patterned fabrics in rich, warm red would be an excellent choice.

diy childrens room colors patterns

DIY children’s room: You need to choose colors carefully

Orange is also a good choice, especially for school children. This fun color is suitable for the girls and the boys rooms. If you do not want too protruding effect, combine it with neutral colors, white, black or gray, while with the blue you will create the opposite effect.

Yellow is also suitable for both, boys and girls. The shade of this solar color, customize to your child’s personality – gentler yellow will provide a more calm environment, more lively shades will be the right choice for small, lively children. There are many options for combining, yellow goes well with blue or purple if you want to add dimensions, contrast with the neutral will work gentler.

DIY children’s room: The gentle shades

Soft pastels are particularly suitable for very young children, because they have calming and relaxing effect. Combine them with white or neutral shades, or if you want, with bolder shades of bright colors, but then the room will be much more vibrant.

Do not ignore the power of neutral colors and black and white colors, as they can add a different dimension than you normally expect when it comes to arranging children’s rooms.

diy childrens room colors patterns

DIY children’s room: Do not ignore the power of neutral colors

You can decide for a room in neutral shades, then, to spice up use additives in the desired colors. For bedding, carpet and curtains choose one of more vivid colors and that will instantly spice up any child’s room.

DIY children’s room: Do not forget patterns

You can also play with different patterns, which are your child’s favorite. Floral motifs and those from the animal kingdom, geometric shapes or popular cartoon characters – the choice is big. Also lines of the same color family can quickly brighten up a room, while not acting too aggressively. Enter them with bedding, curtains, carpets, decorative pillows and a range of wall stickers.

diy childrens room colors patterns

DIY children’s room: Do not forget patterns and wall stickers

Wall stickers are ideal for quick changes and to refresh the children’s rooms. Choose them according to sex and age of the child and choose ones that will not damage walls and they can easy remove. They are suitable mainly for the the wall beside the bed or over the desk.

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