Curry is one of those dishes that at first glance does not look like the most delicious, but a mixture of spices and chili sharpness enchant you in the moment!

curry chicken recipe

The name “curry” in literally translation from Tamil means sauce.

Curry is a word, that takes up a lot more than just a single dish, because it is a specialty that everyone can prepare it in their own way, so there is no original recipe. The recipe for a dish that originates from South Asia and Southeast Asia, varies on the basis of national cultural traditions, religion, the environment and even from family to family. But one thing is clear: it is curry dish, that contains a complex blend of spices and herbs in these categories tend forefront chili. For curry with spices and herbs is not an exaggeration, but there is more than 30 of them in it.

Usually we firs connect this dish with India, from where originates the name “curry”, which in literally translation from Tamil means sauce.

Click here for the curry recipe!

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