Black nail polish variations

Black nail polish is truly a classic, often perceived as sophisticated but also quite simple and plain. But black nails don’t always have to be something you’ve seen before a thousand times.

Matte black nail polish is a way that still makes your nails look sultry and classy, but with a twist that spices up you regular look and keeps your hands from looking ordinary. You can either buy an already matte nail polish, or you can buy a matte top coat that will turn your regular shiny black nails into a matte masterpiece. If you feel like you can pull off a DIY there are also ways of doing matte nails. You can either use a variety of powders (cornstarch, cornflour, baby powder or baking powder). Paint your nails with your regular black, wait for it to get semi dry and dust a layer of powder over it with a light stroke of a brush. You can also mix the nail polish with the powder in a small container and paint it on your nails as usual.

black nail polish Chanel velvet matte

Matte black nail polish

Another way to do something different with your nails is to add glitter. You can get as creative as you wish, from a simple topcoat of glitter to intricate designs. You can also change the size, colour and density of the glitters on your sparkly nails. If you want some extra bling you can even add some rhinestones.

black nail polish glitters

Black nails, black glitters

black nail polish gold glitters

Black nails, gold glitters

If you feel like embracing your inner artist you can also do a pretty design over your already painted black nails. You can either do something with gold, silver or other metallic shades or you can go all out with a dash of colour. You can create circles or straight lines. Squiggles or dashes. Roses or crosses. Anything you desire. If you don’t like spending hours drawing designs on your nails you can also buy stickers and be done within minutes.

Black nail polish nails gold accent

Black nails, gold accent

black nail polish gold design

Black nails gold design

Black nail polish nails minimalistic design

Black nails minimalistic design

Ombre black nail polish can also be a way to change up your look. Either do the black ombre over a different colour nail polish (such as white, gold…) or just do it over a clear base coat and let your natural nail colour show. The easiest way to achieve an ombre effect on your nails is to dip a sponge (either one used for makeup application or a special one for nail design) in black nail polish, dab off the excess of on some paper and the onto the nail, concentrating on the tip and than creating a gradient that is the lightest on top.

ombre nails nail polish black fashion

Ombre nails

Crack up black nail polish is another option. Like with the ombre variation, paint your nails in a base colour of your choice and add a cracking black nail polish on top.

Black crack up nails nail polish

Black crack up nails

If you want the feel of black but you want something a little more, a tad different, opt for a colour but in a darker shade. All, for instance super dark reds, violets, blues or greens can look astonishing.

Dark red nails nail polish nailart

Dark red nails

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