The best beaches in Greece

We present you some of the greatest beauties of Greek beaches, which is definitely worth a visit. Here are the best beaches in Greece!

best beaches in greece navagio zakynthos

Navagio beach, Zakynthos

Infinite Greek coast, which with its 15,000 kilometers in length is one of the longest in the world, is home to about 190,000 beaches and also each of them has its own charm. During such number of beaches should not be hard to find your dream beauty, the more difficult it is to pick out the most beautiful of them. Here you can look just some of the chosen ones.

#1 best beaches in Greece: Mytros, Kefalonia

Holidays in Kefalonia is the ideal choice for those who like to swim and relax by the sea, and that represent a key holiday activity. Kefalonia is known as the island with the most beautiful and the best beaches in Greece. For the main star of them has long been considered beach in the bay Mytros, which has been repeatedly crowned the most beautiful beach in Greece, and even one of the finest in Europe. Half moon bay, strewn with white sand and surrounded by majestic cliffs, anyone fascinated by the incredible colors of the sea, which magically shed in different shades of blue, green and turquoise. The beach also offers a great ambience for a romantic evening at sunset.

best beaches in greece kefalonia mytros

#1 best beaches in Greece: Mytros, Kefalonia

#2 best beaches in Greece: Navagio, Zakynthos

Navagio is secret, sandy and secluded bay, which due to its exceptional beauty attracts crowds of tourists, but despite the crowds with its white sand and crystal clear sea still remains magical. Surrounded by high cliffs accessible only by sea. If you spent your holidays in Zakynthos, enjoy boat trip by departing from different ports of the island organize a number of local agencies. Particularly charming attraction beaches are also mysterious remnants of the former smuggler’s ship Panagiotis, due to which many Navagio known as “the Gulf smugglers.”

best beaches in greece navagio zakynthos

#2 best beaches in Greece: Navagio, Zakynthos

#3 best beaches in Greece: Egremni, Lefkada

Egremni beach, hidden behind high rocks, is considered one of the best kept jewels of Lefkada. With its difficult accessibility it protects itself against rising troops of tourists. For enjoyment of its beauties it is necessary to walk down about 300 stairs. These can be on the way back up, even harder nut to crack, so it is advisable to wait to return until the evening, when cool slightly. This is nothing difficult, because you’re on a long beach definitely find yourself a nice corner where you can enjoy the views of the crystal clear turquoise waters, surrounded by small white pebbles.

best beaches in greece lefkada

#3 best beaches in Greece: Egremni, Lefkada

#4 best beaches in Greece: Balos, Crete

Northwest coast of Crete, between two neighboring uninhabited islands separated azure blue lagoon of Balos. White sand with a slight pink tinge, sprinkled with seashells and glittering in the shallow turquoise sea, reminiscent of a distant tropical beach. Laguna is otherwise accessible by car, but due to bad roads much preferable access to the sea. If you spent a vacation on Crete, you can take a boat trip, which will take you to the lagoon of Balos, perhaps on a neighboring small island Gramavousa where you can see the picturesque Venetian fortress.

best beaches in greece crete

#4 best beaches in Greece: Balos, Crete

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