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how to fall asleep faster sleeping techniques breathing

How to fall asleep faster

How long you roll in bed and thinking about the ways how to fall asleep faster? They say, that with this breathing technique you will fall asleep in less than a minute. Stress and everyday problems steal sleep away from many people. They rise the level of adrenalin in the body, which causes rapid heartbeat […]

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High intensity interval training hiit workout everydaytalks

High intensity interval training

High intensity interval training or HIIT is a combination of the maximum and minimum intensity exercise activities. Type of exercise is not important, the important thing is that you practice at 100% of your abilities. Example of an exercise: 20 seconds sprinting and 1 minute walk. You have to repeat the intervals five times and […]

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sauerkraut detox body cleaning cabbage sour juice

Sauerkraut detox

Sauerkraut contains the ideal combination of biomaterials, which has positive effect on the digestive process, destroying fungi and help detoxify the body. Read here more about sauerkraut detox. Sauerkraut juice is the liquid that occurs in the process of acidification and fermentation of cabbage and it is a wealth of vitamins, minerals and lactic acid […]

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detox with tea green nettle ginger body cleaning

Detox with tea

For detox with tea is excellent choice green, ginger or nettle tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and bitter substances, that encourage digestion and metabolism. It contain a lot of manganese, which is important for connective tissue, body detox and encourages immune system. According to the researches, it is enough to drink 2 or […]

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detox drink clean body diet smoothie drinks

Detox drink

Detox drink is made from beetroot, carrots, grapefruit, apples and fresh ginger. Beetroot stimulates liver and kidney function and purifies blood. Carrots purifies and heals the body. Grapefruit contains substances that activate detoxifying enzymes in the liver and kidneys. Apple promotes digestion and prevent constipation. Ginger stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the immune response […]

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carrot juice carrots detox body cleaning

Carrot juice

Carrots purifies and heals the body. It has healing effect on the liver, which play a major role in cleansing the body. It has beneficial effects on the thyroids, eyes, brain and bones and it also improves digestive function. It is well known that carrot juice helps in maintaining health, weight and beautiful complexion of […]

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lemonade detox body lemons benefits lemon

Lemonade detox

Lemon is an excellent source of citric acid, which stimulates digestive enzymes responsible for the improved blood flow and reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. Enjoying freshly squeezed lemon juice, optional diluted with warm or cold water, encourages detoxification of the liver and accelerates the process of breaking down fat. That lemonade achieve […]

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apple vinegar detox drink clean body

Apple vinegar detox drink

Apple vinegar contains natural acids which dissolve fats and also destroy harmful bacteria in the gut. Here is an recipe for apple vinegar detox drink. Apple vinegar also encourages metabolism, restores the intestinal mucosa and contributes to faster and better elimination of toxins and undigested food from the gut. For great detox drink for cleaning your […]

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h&m spring collection 2015 hm

H&M spring collection 2015

Popular brand has announced the new H&M spring collection 2015. Take a look at the photos and enjoy the colours. The first glance into the new H&M spring collection is enough that we can already begin to celebrate the coming of the spring. Vibrant colours, notable prints and light clothing, combined with comfortable knitwear are […]

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chalet mont blanc luxury resort france

Chalet Mont Blanc

Chalet Mont Blanc is a luxury mountain lodge in the middle of snowy mountains in France.   Imagine a scenario in which you wake up in the morning in a warm bed, overlooking the beautiful snow covered mountains, with only one obligation in mind – to enjoy the spa in the corner of the room, […]

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