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natural stone wall as decoration interior design living room bathroom fireplace

Natural stone as decoration

Stone is a natural material and brings warmth in the interior of your home. The natural stone has charm and it is a connection with nature and earth. The stone wall is a beautiful idea for decoration of the walls in the living room and it can completely change the image of the entire room. […]

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most popular ads on youtube in 2014 lifestyle

Most popular ads on YouTube in 2014

Video service YouTube daily record an incredible number of visits. And that your ad has an enormous number of hits on YouTube are the most wet dreams of every advertiser. See here who really experienced the wetness this year. We present you the most popular ads on YouTube in 2014. Most of this ads will never […]

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john lewis monty penguin christmas advert 2014 everydaytalks

John Lewis Christmas advert 2014

John Lewis is a British chain of supermarkets, which every year, traditionally, make a Christmas advert. All of their adds can boast with an excellent response of viewers. But this year they exceeded all expectations. This year the response is even more big. In the add there are the boy and Monty, the penguin, and the […]

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Black nail polish nails minimalistic design

Black nail polish variations

Black nail polish is truly a classic, often perceived as sophisticated but also quite simple and plain. But black nails don’t always have to be something you’ve seen before a thousand times. Matte black nail polish is a way that still makes your nails look sultry and classy, but with a twist that spices up […]

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how to choose the right shampoo oily scalp dry tips quality shampoos

How to choose the right shampoo?

Proper hair care is the basis for shiny and healthy hair. With the proper use of right products you can keep your hair in excellent shape. See here how to choose the right shampoo and other quality hair care products. In stores and drugstores there are many products for hair care and in that flood […]

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the coldest place on the world oymyakon russia town

The coldest place on the world

You have no idea what everyday problems have residents of the coldest city on the world, where average winter temperature is minus (yes, you’ve read right, MINUS) 60 degrees Celsius. There are almost no plants, but they have all the toilets outside of the houses. It is hard to believe, but some people really live […]

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french stars cookies with frosting christmas cookies

French stars cookies

Here is the recipe for delicious and easy Christmas cookies – french stars cookies with frosting. They are great with tea, cocoa or hot chocolate. Ingredients: 200g of butter 200g of powdered sugar 200g grated hazelnuts teaspoon of cinnamon 2 egg yolks 350g all purpose flour Frosting 100g of powdered sugar juice of one lemon […]

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avoid cold how to ways winter

How to avoid cold?

You can easily avoid cold, even in colder months. Read here how. The average person has cold for two to four times per year Summer is over and here are colder days which also brings flu and colds. You can strengthen your immune system by performing preventive and avoid cold even in winter. On average […]

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