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feng shui home office placement colours position energy

Feng Shui home office

Home office can support and nourish your talents and abilities or negates them, if it is arranges in a way that does not make you feel good. Your office should be a place of power, which leads you straight to the success and abundance. Since the area at the front door is the most yang […]

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feng shui living room placement sofa colours chi energy positive

Feng Shui living room

Living room is the place, where we share image of who we are with the world. In Feng shui living room talks about your personality, about who you are, what you do and what you find important in your life. Here you can express individuality about choice of decorating, accessories, furniture and all your treasures, […]

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feng shui office direction placements positions

Feng Shui office

From the energy of human depends on whether you belong to the people of eastern or western group and whether are good for you east or west. Maybe you don’t have much choices for redevelopment of your working space. Take a look some ideas for Feng Shui office places. If you are ambitious and you […]

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calvin harris emporio armani spring and summer 2015 eyewear and watch

Calvin Harris is the new face of Armani

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, whose career in recent months climbs steeply, is the new face of Emporio Armani. Italian fashion house has announced that Calvin Harris is the new face of Emporio Armani campaign for spring and summer 2015. Famous DJ, songwriter, singer and music producer will promote the collection of Armani eyewear and watch […]

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hands in winter hand cream dry skin

Hands in winter

Hands are in winter under attack of low temperatures and wind, so during that period we have to pay special attention to them. Read here how to take care of your hands in winter. Hands are undoubtedly the part of the body, which during the cold months deserve special attention. The wind and low temperatures […]

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Snow globe

DIY Snow globe

Snow globes are magical and beautiful, so why not make one at home? It’s super simple and easy, doesn’t make a huge  mess and is fun to make. You can give a personalised DIY snow globe to your family and loved ones for christmas and even make them special for them, with the things they adore […]

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victoria's secret angels fashion show december 2014

Victoria’s Secret Angels spread their wings

In the beginning of the December London hosted the most expected spectacular fashion show of the year – Victoria’s Secret. Beautiful Victoria’s Angels have spread their wings and once again made an unforgettable and luxurious show for all of their fans. This time in show were 47 world famous super models: Alessandra Ambrosia, Adriana Lima, […]

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what pimple tell us reasons to get pimples everydaytalks

What pimples tell us?

Pimples and skin impurities not occur without a reason. The areas in which skin lesions occurs, revels what is happening in our body. Section 1: Pimples on the chin, neck and jaw Blame it on hormones. If pimples occur in these areas, you will probably get your period soon. When hormonal balance is demolished, the […]

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pantone hotel brussels colourful new small hotels europe belgium

Pantone hotel Brussels

If you plan to visit Brussels and you don’t want to sleep in traditional hotel, then Pantone hotel is the perfect choice for you. If you like colors, even better. The global authority in the field of colors, Pantone, decided to use all his talents and made this colourful hotel with 59 rooms. He used […]

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santa wishes make a wish for santa christmas

Santa Wishes

Christmas is coming and everyone has that special wish for Santa. We came across a page Santa Wishes, where you can write your wish down, share on social networks and vote for the best Santa Wish. It is a simple concept and a brilliant idea. You don’t need registration, just enter you name or nickname […]

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