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halloween pumpkin carving art amazing ideas


The popular holiday Halloween is partially attractive and interesting to children who dressed in scary customs,knocking on neighbour doors and asking for sweets – trick or treat. On windows and yards of houses we can see scary pumpkins, which became a real art through the years. Halloween has the root in Europe although many people […]

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probiotics yogurt dairy good bacteria digestion healthy foods


That probiotics have a lot of benefits, we can already see in the name. The name probiotics come from the greek word pro (for) and bios (life). You can also say they are called: for life. Probiotics are microorganisms that improve functioning microflora of digestive tract. Or we can simply say that probiotics are good […]

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3d chalk art street optical illusin paints pictures amazing

3D street art

3D Street art is also known as 3D chalk art is two dimensional art work drawn on the stern and gives you 3D optical illusion from certain perspective. This 3D street art is really amazing, breathtaking and very realistic. Streets painting in three dimensional versions are very popular form of arts. People are casual involved […]

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lemon with water health benefits weight loss

Lemon with water

Lemon with water is drink, great for digestion, weight loss and fresh breath. It also cleans skin and enhances resistance. We are sure that you are already heard of the recommendation that is healthy to start a day with glass of warm water and lemon juice. Read here some of the beneficial effects of this […]

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paris hilton france fashion week instagram

Paris Hilton in Paris

Paris Hilton still enjoys in the French capital. The rich heiress shared with fans on social networks some photographs, which she did during her tour of local attractions. Paris Hilton arrived in Paris a few days ago with her sister, Nicky, to attend Fashion Week. They also took time and see the city most popular […]

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