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goji berries Chinese wolf healthy beneffits

Goji berries

Already know goji berries? If the answer is no, it is time to get to know them. Small red fruits that will bring you a lot more than it seems at first glance, will soon become integral part of your daily meals. Beautiful tree with delicate purple flowers, that grows in the high hills in […]

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how to choose the right wine glasses sparkling white red rose which wine to serve

How to choose the right wine?

When planning a celebratory lunch or dinner, you cannot forget the drink, which are served with selected dishes. Most people, with the exception of good experts, frequently encounter a well know problem – how to choose the right wine? Which wine to serve with the certain dishes and how to distribute the wine throughout the […]

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autumn 2014 nail art trends deborah zoya opi polish pink dark blue dots lines

Autumn 2014 nail art trends

What are manicure styles and autumn 2014 nail art trends? While in summer we usually like to experiment, in colder days we like to take it simple. Do not exaggerate with make up and for nail polish use only one dark shade. This fall fashion week suggests us some innovations in the sector of nail […]

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home spa london lawson robb architecture wellness decor underground

Home spa in the underworld of London

Beautiful home spa in private house is and excellent project of architectural studio Lawson Robb. Underground wellness oasis, by which we were totally impressed, was build by architectural studio Lawson Robb. This luxurious complex is designed for the costumer, who wanted similar treatments as they have in the best hotels around the world, at his […]

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kendall jenner kardashian victoria secret angels book russell james

Kendall Jenner among Victoria’s Secret angels

Photographer Russell James, that has been photographing popular Victoria’s Secret angles since 1977, made another book with these beauties. The book also includes young Kendall Jenner. Thanks to Russell James all the famous and former Victoria’s Secret Angels completely stripped and joined making of a new “book” of Angels. Among naked beauties are also Adriana […]

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celebrities hotels exclusive resorts top 5 luxury

5 celebrities hotels

Here are some exclusive resorts that wants to visit even the most demanding celebrity guests. Here are the top 5 celebrities hotels on the world. North Island, Seychelles A small tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean in 2003 became the exclusive private eco resort with only 11 villas. Due to the winning […]

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foods for better concentration water fluids drinking whole grain

Foods for better concentration

Summer is slowly saying goodbye and vacation time is over. You will again have to work hard in school or work and strain your brain to the maximum. For better concentration, memory and the possibility of thinking a proper nutrition can be very helpful. In this article we will explain which foods to avoid and […]

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grapes benefits health vitamins


Autumn brings new delicacies, including sweet grapes, which is well known that cleans body and improves digestion. In addition it has many other positive effects on the body. Grapes contain a lot of fruit sugar (to 20 percent), which makes it healthy source of energy that gives us strenght to work through the day. Furthermore […]

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