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how to properly store vegetables

How to properly store vegetables?

It rarely happens, that in the market we buy vegetables and fruits only for one or two days. In most cases, we purchase the stock, which is then eaten in several days, maybe in a week. For this reason, it is necessary to consider how to properly store vegetables and save its freshness. Some fruits […]

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diy dishwashing detergent home made

DIY dishwashing detergent

Little help in the kitchen is always good, so we present a simple recipe for homemade pure and natural DIY dishwashing detergent. Purchased goods often contain artificial ingredients, harmful substances and chemicals that are damaging not only our skin but also the entire body. Dishwashing detergent is extremely easy to make and this way you […]

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Matthew McConaughey home austin

Home of Matthew McConaughey

Once upon a time a big charmer and heart breaker, but today a peaceful family man, Matthew McConaughey. He owns more than one property, but this time we offer you an insight into his luxurious villa, located near Austin. 44-year-old actor and Academy Award winner, for many years attributed to the romance of the most […]

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