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tourist destinations pyramids giza egypt

Tourist destinations from catalogs vs. reality

Take a look at how some tourist destinations, which are usually seen on the tempting photos from catalogs, see in real life. For some of us, the difference really is surprising! Photos of popular tourist destinations and attractions which are published with the aim of attracting tourists are often quite processed and sometimes very far […]

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black tomatoes

Black tomatoes will be hit of the summer

At first glance, this looks like science fiction, but the black tomatoes really exists and they are even really healthy. It is a new type of tomatoes that will first start to sell in the Great Britain. This new sort of tomato was discovered by professors from Great Britain, who have found that some variation […]

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brooklyn beckham

Brooklyn Beckham modeling

The oldest son of Victoria and David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, made his modeling debut on the cover of Man about time magazine. The famous teenager has good genes, so it was only a matter of time before he will be working in the fashion. 15-year-old Brooklyn, the son of Victoria and David Beckham, appeared on the […]

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san francisco villa

San Francisco villa with the view

Exceptional and outstanding modern San Francisco villa, with even more beautiful view. Renovation started in 2005, see how it looks today. Villa overlooking the San Francisco bay was renovated by a firm called Swatt | Miers Architects. The owners lived in Tiburonu in California, but many years dreamed of renovating a two-story house, which is located […]

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natural colors for easter eggs

DIY natural colors for Easter eggs

Make a difference this year and color your Easter eggs with natural colors that you can get from completely natural ingredients. See here how to make different natural colors for Easter eggs.  Instructions for making natural colors for Easter eggs Before you begin the coloring of eggs with natural colors, hard boil them first and […]

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natural diuretics lemons lime lemon

5 natural diuretics

Water retention in the body can be very uncomfortable, but before you visit the pharmacy, check out how you can help yourself with completely natural diuretics. First of all we have to straightened out some facts that you need to know: Quantity of drank water does not affect on the level of water retention in […]

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harry styles home villa new one direction

New house of One Directon star – Harry Styles

So young and he already can afford something like this! Check out new real estate from Harry Styles, One Direction. 20 year lead singer of One Direction and heart breaker of young female hearts, Harry Styles, has one more reason to celebrate: a new 4 million dollar mansion in the upscale village of Hollywood Hills. […]

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swimwear for small breasts 2014 summer

Right swimwear for small breasts

If you have small breasts, you can afford a lot of imagination, but not strapless swimsuit. So, the summer is almost here, how to choose swimwear for small breasts? If you have small breasts, do not try to conceal, but emphasize the upper part! Your best friends are, of course, padded bras, which you can […]

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types of green tea

Types of green tea

The largest producers of green tea in the world are China and Japan. In China is a major part of the production of tea done manually, which is why green tea is very expensive and sought after. Green tea is not fermented. This means, that the tea is heated immediately after harvesting, so it retains all […]

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green tea teapot drinking benefits

Green tea, healing potion

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular refreshing and invigorating drink, so between the old and the young. Tasty drink can be served in all seasons, it’s good so cold as warm. Green tea protects you against many modern diseases of civilization, moreover, is essential in weight loss and prevent aging. The hunter to free radicals […]

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