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diy decorating walls gold

DIY decorating walls

The colors on the walls are no longer a taboo, in recent years are fashionable unique decorative art processing interior wall surfaces. Here are some useful tips for DIY decorating walls. Decorative arts and colors bring in the space the vibrancy and dynamism, in addition to the different models and techniques of applying, the color […]

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new york manhattan taxi

New York as you’ve never seen

These spectacular photos of New York are looking like they’ve taken with professional camera, but in fact, they were made by a New Yorker Kevin Lu, and his iPhone. Photos were posted on his Instagram. Kevin has also made ​​thousands of scenes of the city which never sleeps and then collected those: These spectacular photos of […]

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give up fried foods

Give up fried foods!

Are you a big fan of frying, and without that not imagine a meal? Then be careful, because you belong to a group with an increased risk of developing dementia. New research indicate,s that there is the material, which is located in the frying associated with the development of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. That […]

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Top 5 cities to live in

The latest survey on quality of life is revealed in what city in the world at the moment residents enjoy the highest quality of living conditions and in which city are doing the worst. Here are top 5 cities to live in! Mercer International Agency published the results of its latest survey on quality of […]

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nutrition advice for nice figure

4 nutrition advice for nice figure

Nutrition plays a major role in weight loss and weight maintenance, and the following nutrition advice are very important for successful weight loss and well-being. Nutrition advice #1: Several small meals per day Prepare yourself 4-5 small meals per day. In this way you will avoid any sudden attack of hunger and speed up your […]

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modern dining room round table

Modern dining room

Modern dining room is a social part of the open living space, is one article that integrates and simultaneously separates the kitchen and living room. Not only the traditional functions, the family seat at the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there do many other things, children write school assignments, we sit and chat with […]

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the most dangerous places in the world juarez mexico

The most dangerous places in the world

Some of the most attractive places in the world, can also be the most dangerous places in the world, but you still can’t resist them. Heroica Ciudad Juárez, Mexico City with 1.5 million inhabitants, is located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, near the border with Texas and it is considered for one of the […]

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losing weight fruit

Losing weight – Small Changes, Big Results

Instead of chips, eat nuts, instead of sour cream, use sour milk, instead of coffee with milk, treat yourself with only black coffee. If you suffer from being overweight, you are probably already familiar with hundreds of different losing weight diets, that promise miracles. And even if they are successful, when you let them go, […]

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