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eat fruits

How to correctly eat fruits

We all think eating fruits means that we buy, cut into pieces and eat. But not as easy as you think. It is important to know how and, above all, when to eat fruits. The key rules on how to eat fruits Always eat fruit only on an empty stomach. Fruit should not be eaten […]

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polka dots cameron diaz

Polka dots: fashion hit

Dots, dots, dots,… Celebs love this retro pattern of polka dots! The dots are for a long time synonymous with femininity and cute appearance, so we are not surprised by the fact that in recent weeks, many famous faces opting for this beautiful pattern. In recent weeks, were opted for this pattern, which is easy […]

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curry chicken recipe


Curry is one of those dishes that at first glance does not look like the most delicious, but a mixture of spices and chili sharpness enchant you in the moment! Curry is a word, that takes up a lot more than just a single dish, because it is a specialty that everyone can prepare it […]

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benefits of pineapple

Benefits of pineapple

In addition to vitamins and minerals provided by most fruits, pineapple is also a rich source of some of the lesser known micro-nutrients that our body needs. That is why pineapple is a good choice of fruit, that will fill you with energy and keep you safe from diseases. Read on to see more benefits […]

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arabba ski resort dolomites italy europe skiing


Arabba is the ski area, at the foot of Marmolada glacier (3342 m), the highest mountain in the Dolomites. It is an ideal starting point for the famous ski tour “Sella Ronda” around the mountain massif with the same name. A quiet resort with a good starting point for skiing at Marmolade or to Corvara, […]

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Ginger tea

There is no end to the list for what is ginger beneficial. This time about how great it is for our body to clean of the toxins. Here are the recipe for ginger tea! Always keep around ginger and your digestion will be grateful! In addition, it has a soothing effect on your mood and […]

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unusual swimming pools

Unusual swimming pools around the world

Even if you’re not a fan of swimming pools, looking at these beauties you can not remain indifferent. Here are the most spectacular and unusual swimming pools in the world. Bondi Icebergs, Australia Spectacular outdoor swimming pool with more than a century of tradition decorates the southern end of the famous Australian beach Bondi Beach in […]

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drink that melts fat grapefruit mandarine cucumber mint smoothie

Detox drink that melts fat

Do you want to clean the body of toxins and get rid of fats? Then you should try this detox drink that melts fat! Once in a while your body needs a break and detoxing, that you can wash out of it all the toxins and fat that has accumulated. That is the time for […]

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reasons for flight delays

8 of the stupidest reasons for flight delays

It’s amazing how stupid and ridiculous reasons can cause a delay of flight. Take a look at some of the most incredible and stupidest reasons for flight delays. Take a look at some of the most bizarre and stupid reasons that caused flight delays: Bill Clinton: The haircut In 1993, at the Los Angeles airport […]

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benefits of wine bottle red wine glass

Ancient medicine: benefits of wine

Drinking wine in moderate amounts has tremendous positive effects on our health. Check out what are the benefits of wine! “Of all the drinks the wine is the most useful, most delicious medicine and the most enjoyable food.” That has around the year 100 wrote the Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch, and he was right! In addition […]

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