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Chocolate Face Mask (sxc)

Chocolate Face Mask

Chocolate is good for our body as well as for our skin, because it is a powerful antioxidant that helps eliminate the effects of aging and tightening of the skin. It acts as a kind of natural botox. More about benefits of dark chocolate you can read here. However, we will not make unnecessary calories […]

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Chocolate (sxc)

Dark chocolate

Although chocolate is quite calorific, dark chocolate has many positive effects on our body. Hazel, milk, strawberry, dark – chocolate. Who does not like it? Although it is quite calorific, dark chocolate also has many positive effects on our body. One of them is even this that makes us happy. Let’s see what are the […]

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Spinach soup

Spinach soup is a healthy and popular dish among adults and children. Check how to prepare that really tasty and healthy meal. Ingredients: 500 g spinach 60 g of butter or oil, or a mixture of both 2 tablespoons flour Clove of garlic Half a liter of milk 1.5 liters of soup made ​​from organic […]

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Avocado (photo: SXC)

Healing effects of avocado

Do you know what are healing effects of avocado? Lack of protein can lead to skin problems, thin hair and anemia. This problem can be resolved with the consumption of avocado, which is rich source of protein. Not only that, it also contains many other substances that protect your health. Hair, teeth, skin, nails, brain cells, […]

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1. Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso, Playa Paraiso, Mexico

Top all inclusive resorts in the world 2013

Tripadvisor has announced 25 top all inclusive resorts in the world by Traveler’s choice for year 2013. We represent you the five top all inclusive resorts from all around the world. 1. Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso, Playa Paraiso, Mexico The Grand Hotel Paraíso, included in the highest category of 5 star hotels, synonymous with luxury and style, is a spectacular […]

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Mansion in West Vancouver (photo:

Unique mansion in Vancouver

This unique and luxury mansion in West Vancouver was created by the architect Marque Thompson.  There is not just spectacular facade, it has a beautiful water view and a luscious green landscape around the residence. This mansion in Vancouver is a smart home and it can be controlled from a nowhere in the world. It […]

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Mix sugar and your regular skin cleanser (photo: SXC)

DIY: Sugar peeling

Peeling with sugar is very effective, it makes the skin smooth, supple and shiny. The recipe for sugar peeling is quite simple and you can do it yourself. Why is sugar peeling so useful? Sugar peeling is very effective because of the natural coarse particles and it is friendly to the skin. In addition, the […]

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Almonds (photo: SXC)

5 foods that lower cholesterol

More and more people have problems with a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood due to inadequate nutrition. What are the foods that  lower cholesterol? Cholesterol is only in foods of animal origin Cholesterol is a glossy white crystalline substance. For our bodies it is inevitable needed and its lack or excess can harm […]

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Bad Breath (photo: SXC)

5 solutions for bad breath

Bad breath  is a destroyer of romance and an indicator of health problems.We sought out the five most effective actions against bad breath. Bad breath can spoil even such a beautiful evening. Either we have to tolerate another bad breath, or we are unrelaxed, because we know that from our mouths diversify unpleasant smells. Many […]

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Spices are good for boosting your immune system (photo: SXC)

Boost your immune system with food

Some foods weaken the organism and make it more vulnerable to infections, and the other boost your immune system and prepare it for the fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. Autumn offers us the most energy and we need to protect against seasonal ills because in this part of the year,  the most fruit and […]

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