Top 4 trends for spring 2017

Want to know what is trending for spring 2017? Read on! From stripes, chatty T-shirts to pink and yellow colour – those are the trends for spring 2017!

Here are the most trendy fashion treds this moment:

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#1 Multicolor stripes for head to toes

Stripes, stripes stripes – black, white, rainbow – it doesn’t matter!

trends for spring 2017 stripes

#2 Chatty T-shirts with juicy statements

Chatty T-shirts were all over the runway this year.

#3 Yellow or pink color

Yellow and pink are colours of the season. You can’t miss here.

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trends for spring 2017 yellow colour

trends for spring 2017 pink colour

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#4 Dresses over pants

This trend we’ve seen before, but it is back again. Dress over pants, long sweatshirts over wide-leg pants,… everything is allowed.

trends for spring 2017 dresses over pants

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