Links, links, links – may 2015

Take a look at randomly chosen links for may 2015.

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19 cats with perfect description of how people look like in their thirties: Cats

How will I know, if I want to be a mother? How…

Untranslatable words in pictures. Gufra?

B.B. King Performances from each decade: B.B. King

What 2000 Calories looks like: like this

GIFs that sum up life: it is true

Overprotective parents. You know what we mean?

Chinese art of a crowd: Wow.

Expectations old hollywood movies gave us about adulthood

How to look smarter in meetings? Great advices!

Don’t underestimate Chiwavas

How you should decorate your vagina? Take a quiz

Working out with big boobs looks like this

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