Links, links, links – February 2015

Here are some best links of the February 2015.

links five minute rule

About five minute rule….

– How Gilmore Girls can sum up Life. Very true.

– Really cute learning

– Size does not matter šŸ™‚

– Highs and lows from the Oscars 2015 – Vulture

– How to walk and work: look at the treadmill desksĀ 

A beautiful Body Project is a true story about bodies

– Interesting research about how often people shower in various countries

– The streets should be designed for people, here are the list of Cities that are starting to go car freeĀ 

– Famous world sightseeings zoomed out. How they really lookĀ 

– Interesting article about how avocado became a healthy fruitĀ 

– Seven dishes that can cure your hangover (seriously, pickle juice?!)

Daily routines of famous creative people

Want to sleep better? Get rid of your smart phone šŸ™‚Ā Ā 

– About the five minute rule about the food which fall on the floor. It is not so bad.

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