Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks, was born in 1974 as Elizabeth Irene Mitchell in Pittsfield Massachusetts, USA. She is an actress, producer and director.

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To avoid confusion with actress Elizabeth Mitchell, she changed her name. Her first acting appearance was in 1998 in film Surrender Dorothy, but she really shined in 2005 in comedy The 40-Year-Old virgin.

She also played in Spider Man, Meet Bill, Definitely, Maybe, W., Role Models, The next Three days, the Details, Pitch Perfect, The Walk of shame, The Hungers Games and many others. She won a few MTV movie awards, Primetime Emmy Awards and others.

She is married with Max Handelman and they have two sons Felix and Magnus Mitchell (both born by surrogate).

Once you get offered a studio job, as a woman, its really hard to say no because they don’t let women do this very often. So I knew I needed to embrace it and I couldn’t mess it up. Because if you mess it up, they don’t let you do it again, and you become representative of female directors as a whole. Like, ‘See girls can’t do it.’

elizabeth banks face of the day celebrity everydaytalks.com

In her famous yellow dress from Walk of Shame

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