Amal and George Clooney welcome twins!

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6th July 2017 was a happy day for Amal and George Clooney. They become parents to baby twins Ella and Alexander.

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A spokesman for the couple in the statement confirmed that Clooneys have welcomed their babies:”This morning Amal and George welcomed Ella and Alexander Clooney into their lives. Ella, Alexander and Amal are all healthy, happy and doing fine.

He also joked:”George is sedated and should recover in a few days.”

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The actor became first time father at 56, recently spoke about that in French TV:“My favourite part is, you know, all my friends who are my age, and I have many of them, they’re already done. Their kids are all grown up and away to college and they are laughing.”

Amal gave birth in the luxury hospital private suite in exclusive Kensington Wing of London‘s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital that costs £8,520 and mums are treated to smoked salmon for breakfast and £75 bottles of champagne.


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